The RF-Ee aims to promote the development of the next generation of evaluators, as well as their integration in the world of evaluation. Its mission is to support the professional development of young and emerging francophone evaluators by promoting capacity building and by advocating for their place within the evaluation community and VOPEs. The RF-Ee is supported by the Francophone Network of Evaluation (Réseau francophone de l’évaluation, RFE), and all of its activities take place in French. The work of the RF-Ee is ensured by a Coordination Committee, currently composed of 11 members. Its composition is meant to be representative of the different francophone regions around the world.

Chapter Founders:

Current Leadership

  1. Co-chair: Miltiade DIEFFI TCHIFOU (Cameroon)
  2. Co-chair: Marion BAUD-LAVIGNE (Switzerland)