EvalYouth is governed by its Management Group (MG). Its members are elected and come from regions that have current active EY chapters, which includes:

  1. Africa
  2. Asia
  3. Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and South Caucasus (ECA)
  4. Europe (no current MG member; elections to be held)
  5. Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC)
  6. Middle East and North America (MENA)
  7. Francophone
  8. North America
  9. Oceania (no current MG member; elections to be held)


From within the MG, the Executive Committee (ExCom) members are selected. This includes the network's Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretariat.

Each of EvalYouth’s four Task Forces has its own leadership, made up essentially of two co-chairs and a Secretariat (or more than one secretariat).

OG structure

Current EvalYouth Leadership Team

current-governa_54294820 (2)

Executive Committee


Gabriela Rentería Flores - Chair


Mark Mulobi  - Vice-Chair



Tamara Kabysh-Rybalka - Secretariat


Other Management Group Members


Zach Tilton (North America)

Imad's Photo

Imad Ahmad Haroon


Safyatou Diallo

Nashwan Ahmed

Nashwan Almoliki

Task Force Leadership Teams

Task Force 1

Co-Chair: Vacant

Co-Chair: Camila Garroux

Co-Secretariat: Mridula Kapil Bhargava

Co-Secretariat: Vacant

Task Force 2

Co-Chair: Maureen Okoli

Co-Chair: Mohammed Suhuyini

Secretariat: Titus Mokaya

Task Force 3

Co-Chair: Ciku Kariuki

Co-Chair: Abel Gbala

Co-Secretariat: Ahmad Murtaza Baddr

Co-Secretariat: Tek Singh Bhat

Task Force 4

Co-Chair: Mohammad Ali Popalzai

Co-Chair: Marethabile Maseela

Secretariat: Linda Owusu Sekyere