The impetus for creating the EvalYouth Colombia chapter stems from the EvalYouth LAC meeting in August 2020. The chapter aims to promote the exchange of experiences and socialize learning to help develop evaluative practices at the national level. It not only provides a space for conversation and reflection around the work of the evaluator in the respective national context, but also it offers young people an opportunity to acquire experience and skills for the field of evaluation, in both public and private entities.

Chapter Founders

  1. Nayibe Castro Novoa
  2. Alejandra Cortés Rojas
  3. Mario Alejandro Neita
  4. Nathalia Muñoz Ballesteros
  5. Leidy Kirley Rivera

Current Leadership

  1. Founder: Nayibe Castro Novoa
  2. Founder: Alejandra Cortés Rojas
  3. Founder: Mario Alejandro Neita
  4. Founder: Nathalia Muñoz Ballesteros
  5. Founder: Leidy Kirley Rivera

Contact info


Twitter: @EvalYouthCol / EvalYouthColombia