EvalYouth Pakistan (EYP) is a network of young and emerging evaluators in Pakistan formed in February 2021. It serves as a youth chapter of Pakistan Evaluation Association (PEA), and a national chapter of EvalYouth Asia and EvalYouth Global Network. EYP aims at promoting Young and Emerging Evaluators (YEEs), including young women, to become competent, experienced and well-networked professionals who contribute to evaluation capacity in Pakistan. Through working with young evaluators from diverse backgrounds, EYP will reinforce PEA’s mission of creating an enabling environment for evaluation across the country, and to foster evidence-based M&E research such that it can contribute towards an inclusive national policy development process. EYP aspires to increase the contribution of emerging evaluators and young stakeholders to social development at the national level; through engagement, innovation, and exchanges amongst themselves and with the experienced evaluators in the country and overseas.

Chapter Founders

  1. Nasir Ali
  2. Nazir Ul Haq
  3. Shaista Jabeen
  4. Zain Haideri



Current Leadership

Executive Committee

  • Co-Chair: Sarah Ahmed
  • Co-Chair: Nazir Ul Haq
  • Secretary: Ifrah Hassan


Management Group Members

  • Nasir Ali (Baluchistan)
  • Razzaq Rahib (Sindh)
  • Inam Ul Haq (KPK)
  • Shaista Jabeen (Gilgit Baltistan)
  • Bushra (Punjab)
  • Muhammad Ullah (Overseas)


Task Forces

  • Co-leader Capacity Strengthening: Maha Salman
  • Co-leader Capacity Strengthening: Bilal Ahmed
  • Co-leader Engagement: Rakhshinda Ambareen
  • Co-leader Networking: Asim Hanif
  • Co-leader Networking: Salman Maqsood
  • Co-leader Communications: Maroof Syed