EvalVijana is a young and emerging evaluators group affiliated with Evaluation Society of Kenya. It was established in May 2019 by YEEs who needed to find their niche. It is the network for young and emerging evaluators in Kenya. Currently, it has 52 active members (22 formally registered with ESK).

EvalVijana objectives are as below:

  1. To strengthen capacities of YEE’s to become skilled, experienced and well-networked professionals that will add value to the development agenda.
  2. To promote increased participation of YEE’s including women, in evaluation consultancy teams.
  3.  To enhance involvement of ESK-EvalVijana in the ESK activities, leadership and initiatives, including through volunteerism.

Chapter Founders

  1. Wanjiku Kariuki
  2. Leonard Yosi
  3. Titus Mokaya
  4. Alison Mbaluto
  5. Racheal Wekesa
  6. Noah Otieno

Current Leadership

  1. Core leader: Wanjiku Kariuki
  2. Core leader: Titus Mokaya
  3. Core leader: Mark Mulobi
  4. Core leader: Leonard Yosi
  5. Core Leader :Florence Nyambura

Contact info


Twitter: @evalvijana