The AfrEA Emerging Evaluator (YEE) network was formally launched at the 2017 6th Biennial SAMEA Conference in Johannesburg, South Africa. This network is supported by AfrEA, which includes 40 national VOPEs from Africa. The regional AfrEA YEE network covers the entire continent, including the French and English speaking countries. The regional AfrEA YEE network aims to build on the successes and opportunities put forward by EvalPartners / EvalYouth and RFE/RF-Ee since 2015 by facilitating the establishment of a pan-African initiative for emerging evaluators. By doing this it aims to create awareness of M&E across the African continent by engaging and providing opportunities for YEEs to: 1) Network with YEEs and others; 2) Strengthen YEEs evaluation content knowledge; and 3) Gain practical experience through mentorships within the regions.

Chapter Founders

  1. Marie Gervais (Canada)
  2. Miché Ouedraogo (Burkina Faso)
  3. Fazeela Hoosen (South Africa)

Current Leadership

Co-chair: Fazeela Hoosen (South Africa)

Co-chair: Saturnin Zoetyande (Burkina Faso)

Contact Info


Twitter: @AfrEA_YEE