EvalYouth Costa Rica (Evaluadores Jóvenes y/o Emergentes in Spanish) started in mid-2017. Since then, it has been very active participating in international conferences (RELAC in México 2018, IDEAS in Prague 2019) and other national activities, and has also participated and held workshops and trainings for other young and emerging evaluators. EvalYouth CR is part of the VOPE of Costa Rica (REDEVALCR), with whom it has also developed shared activities. The chapter has more than 50 registered members and its own monthly capacity and relationship building space, called “Evaluation & Café.”  It is part of the “National Evaluation Platform” in the country, which is organized by the Costa Rica Government. This has allowed the chapter to have some influence on national policy

Chapter Founders

  1. Nataly Salas
  2. Emanuel Blanca

Current Leadership

Coordinator: Emanuel Blanca