SAMEA’s contribution to the Emerging Evaluator capacity building has been the initiation of the Emerging Evaluators (EEs) program, which dates back to 2012. The program is guided by an Emerging Evaluators concept note developed by the association in 2019. It is facilitated as one of SAMEA’s portfolios, and acts as a platform where EEs voluntarily participate, share information, and gain exposure, access and referrals to other evaluation platforms. The five components of the strategies for the SAMEA EE program are: 1) Identifying companies and institutions interested in hosting M&E Interns & maintaining an online database of these companies; 2) Maintaining and communicating an updated list of relevant Trainings and Courses on the SAMEA website; 3) Increasing membership and participation in EE platforms; 4) Facilitating a Mentorship / Internship Program; and 5) Facilitating an Emerging Evaluator network.

Chapter Founders

The Board of the South African Monitoring and Evaluation Association (SAMEA)

Current Leadership

  1.  Nozipho Ngwabi
  2.  Kemedi Kgaphola
  3. Tikwiza Silubonde