EvalYouth Ecuador is part of the Global EvalYouth initiative for young and emerging evaluators who work, study or are interested in issues related to the monitoring and evaluation of policies, programs or projects in Ecuador. EvalYouth Ecuador has become a network of professionals that seeks to strengthen capacities and foster an evaluation culture, with special attention to young and emerging evaluators in the country. In this sense, it participates and develops spaces for discussion on different aspects of evaluation, from methods and applications to their institutionalization mechanisms in the country, and the participation of young and emerging evaluators in these processes.

Chapter Founders

  1. Josette Arévalo
  2. Vanesa Carrera
  3. Verónica Suárez
  4. Andrea Llerena
  5. Álvaro Andrade
  6. Cristhina Llerena

Current Leadership

  1. Co-Chair: Adriano Molina
  2. Co-Chair: Ana Grijalva
  3. ExCom: Carolina Tenorio
  4. ExCom: Vanesa Carrera
  5. ExCom: Alvaro Andrade
  6. ExCom: Andrea Llerenea

Contact info


Twitter: @Evalyouthec