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Camila Garroux





The objective of EvalYouth Task Force 1 (TF1) is to increase the involvement of YEEs in VOPE activities, governance, and leadership.

The rationales for this work are:

  • To motivate YEEs to become more involved in VOPE governance, rather than only participating in VOPE activities, while also taking into account certain regional dimensions
  • To work with VOPEs to bolster the inclusion of YEEs in their governance bodies and capacity building programs
  • To contribute to strengthening individual and institutional capacities of YEEs and VOPEs.

To meet its objectives, TF1 implements four main types of activities: webinars, EY chapter success stories, toolkit development and a video campaign. Each activity is governed and implemented by a Working Group.

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Working Group 1: Global and Regional Webinars

This Working Group organizes webinars aimed at the global and regional levels to review YEEs’ participation in national VOPEs, and to complement its other workstreams. Webinars to date include:

Working Group 2: Guidelines to Include YEEs on VOPEs’ Boards

This Working Group developed the Toolkit for Engaging YEEs in VOPEs Leadership & Governance. Released in October 2020, it aims to identify the good practices currently used to engage YEEs for replication and scaling up in other contexts to increase the benefits to VOPEs, YEEs and the evaluation profession.

Working Group 3: EvalYouth Chapters Success Stories 

This Working Group produces case studies that demonstrate the success stories of EvalYouth’s regional chapters. To date, four success stories have been completed:

Other activities

Video Campaign

A #WelcometheYEE video campaign with messages shared by YEEs and VOPE leaders to encourage the involvement of YEEs in their VOPEs.

Survey on Status of YEEs in VOPEs (2017)

To understand the type of involvement YEEs had in VOPEs that will inform the campaigns to motivate YEEs.

Scholarship to YEE for Regional Conferences 

YEEs are sponsored to attend regional conferences to encourage their involvement in regional and national VOPEs.