EvalYouth Spain (EvalYouth España) started in mid-2022 as a working group of the Spanish VOPE, APROEVAL (Iberian Professionals Association for Evaluation). EvalYouth Spain is anchored at the national level with a global and local vocation, guided by ethical principles of honesty and prudence, highly proactive, and motivated to contribute and promote the institutionalization of evaluation.

The priority axes of EvalYouth Spain are the strengthening of capacities and the visibility and incidence of young and emerging evaluators in evaluation processes. For now, the internal work is addressed by two teams, Strategic Planning and Collective Intelligence Dynamics (DIC in Spanish).

Chapter founders: 

Aura Salinas Centeno
Bárbara Branchini
Carolina Marcos Ribera
Chantal Giner Casado
Emilio Martín López
Esteban Dupré
Farrah (Farrix) Álvarez Guzmán
María Gento Temprano
Ofelia Ricciardelli

Current leadership: 

Co-coordinator: Carolina Marcos Ribera
Co-coordinator: Farrah (Farrix) Álvarez Guzmán
Communication responsible: Aura Salinas Centeno