EvalYouth Peru aims to promote and improve the evaluation capabilities of young and emerging evaluators in Peru, through different strategies such as employment and professionalization opportunities, international events participation, and the organization of online seminars, among others. EvalYouth Peru was launched during the gLOCAL Evaluation Week held in June, 2020. EvalYouth Peru is part of the national VOPE EvalPeru and the regional network EvalYouth LAC, and it maintains an ongoing collaboration with both organizations. Currently, EvalYouth Peru has 75 members registered and various working committees. At present, these committees are implementing different initiatives, organized into three action lines: 1) Strengthening of YEE´s capabilities; 2) Articulation with allies and Representation; and 3) Job connection

Chapter Founders

  1. Founder: Brendalía Chávez Cosamalón
  2. Founder: Fabiola Berrocal Ramírez
  3. Founder: Sandra Mangiante Arámbulo
  4. Founder: Victoria Alegre Perfecto

Current Leadership

  • Action Line 1:
Director: Sandra Lino Cárdenas
Coordinator: Daisy Ramos Mayon
  • Action Line 2:
Director: Lorena Carranza Flores
Coordinator: Miroshina Nolasco Correa
  • Action Line 3:
Director: María Isabel Ramírez Bruno
Coordinator: Fátima Quispe Oyarce